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Our vision

• Developing value adding options for Anaerobic Digestion (AD)- Peakhill Associates has recently delivered a scoping study report on the potential for utilising Low Input High Diversity (LIHD) Biomass harvested from road verges as a feedstock for AD plants. This work has the twin benefits of improving the sustainability production process of a low carbon biofuel whilst of improving the biodiversity of the road verge ecosystem through a change to the vegetation management regime from ‘cut and leave’ to ‘cut and lift’.


• Carrying out experimental trials into the possibility of using digestate fibre from AD as a horticultural compost thus reducing the environmental impact of harvesting peat from diminishing wetland ecosystems.


• Setting up the demonstration of a cut and vacuum lift road verge harvester


Fifteen years experience


Low carbon biofuel


Strategic sustainability

About Dr. Nick Cheffins

A time served academic and consultant with significant economic development and executive project leadership experience; Dr Nick Cheffins formed Peakhill Associates Ltd in 2002, working as an independent consultant delivering applied research, business and project management services. Current activities include work on the development of new biomass supply chains with specific focus on the potential of Low Input High Diversity Biomass for use in Anaerobic Digestion and other technologies for the production of bio fuels and also the potential of AD fibre as a peat replacement growing media.

What We Do

Delivering low carbon responses to private and public sector client requirements across the agriculture, food and environment sectors including:


• Applied research and development

• Strategic sustainability development plans in agriculture, food and the environment

• Business planning and project management for business, charities and communities

• Grant and finance applications

• Conferences and network building events


Peakhill Associates is a more than a one man and his dog operation. Founded in 2002, PA specialises in operating at the interface between the public and private sectors. PA’s philosophy is to work alongside the client to jointly understand and develop their aims, objectives and outputs. Some of PA’s most successful projects have operated through the assembling of teams of associates of long standing, not loose associations.


Across the world renewable energy from some sources is now cheaper than fossil fuel in more than 30 countries (World Economic Forum 2016).
All possible low carbon technologies and fuels will be needed to reach 80% carbon reduction by 2050 under the UK’s Climate Change Act (Royal Academy of Engineering 2017).
Peakhill Associates is working on a number of projects with diverse client groups to support the development of affordable and sustainable renewable energy.

What is our mission?

Highlights & results


We aim to work with the widest range of partners and clients to close loops and support the development of a circular economy that works for all. Our mission is based on the philosophy that there is no ‘waste’ from our interaction with our environment. The climate challenge is a clear indication that something is wrong and our current economic activities cannot be sustained by a ‘business as usual’ attitude.


Our work which includes strategic reviews, business planning and project delivery and has recently become focussed on the bio – energy sector where we are interacting across the biomass supply chain and conversion technology sectors. We are driven by the potential for reducing carbon emissions whilst helping to improve business and environmental resilience.

Highlights & Results

Developing the potential of anaerobic digestate fibre as an alternative method for growing plants (2012 – 2015)

Developing the potential of biomass from non-agricultural landscapes (2015 – 2017)


Highlights & Results

Leading the delivery of Sustain Lincolnshire’s climate change conference and communications strategy (2007 – 2013)


Highlights & Results

Supporting the development of local food chains based on sustainably produced food (2005 – 2007)


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